Wyoming Seed Certification Service
Wyoming Crop Improvement Association
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     Mike Forman     President                    

     Brian Duyck      Vice President:             

     Mike Moore       Secretary-Treasurer  



     Tim Anderson   Southeast District

     Brian Duyck       Northwest District

     Mike Forman     Northwest District

     Fred Hopkin       Northwest District


Ex officio Directors

     Bret Hess           University of Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station

     Glen Whipple     University of Wyoming Extension Service

     Jim Heitholt     University of Wyoming Plant Sciences Department
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Membership: Any person, firm, corporation or organization interested in or actively engaged in the growing, breeding, improving, or handling of improved crop seeds may become a member of this association upon the receipt of an application, accompanied by the annual membership fee, and upon approval by the Board of Directors.


Meetings: District meetings are normally held in early December. The Annual meeting is normally held the first week of February.