Wyoming Seed Certification Service
Application for Certification Due Dates
Failure to meet the following deadlines can result in additional fees or rejection of your application. Consideration may be given for special circumstances. If you have questions, please contact Mike Moore at mdmoore@uwyo.edu .
Due Dates for Filing Applications
CROP                                                                 DATE
Alfalfa, Red Clover, Crownvetch,                   May 15
Milkvetch,Sainfoin, Grass, Hemp                   Late Summer or fall plantings are due 60 days after planting.
and Woody species
Grain and Field Pea                                         June 1
Canola and Rapeseed                                     June 15
Dry Beans                                                         June 25
Absolute Deadline (All Crops)                        June 30
Late applications, if accepted, are subject to a late fee in addition to the regular application fee and field inspection fees. The Wyoming Seed Certification Service reserves the right to refuse late applications.
Application for Certification