Wyoming Seed Certification Service
All membership dues and certification fees are set by the Wyoming Seed Certification Service and the Wyoming Crop Improvement Association Board of Directors. The fees and dues are based on the cost of conducting the seed certification program and are subject to change upon joint approval of the Board and the Seed Certification Office.
The current fees are listed below:
WCIA Membership Fee....................$50.00
All applicants who produce Certified seed must be members of the Wyoming Crop Improvement Association. The membership is paid once a year regardless of the number of crops certified, and is normally submitted with the first application for certification. If the applicant and the grower are not the same party, both must be members. In addition, any person, company, or firm interested in the Wyoming Seed Certification Service may apply for membership.
Application Fee.......................$15.00 per application
One variety per application, up to 6 fields per application except for small grains, where more than 6 fields may be on one application. Additional fields will need a separate application, and will be assessed the application fee.
Late applications.............................$50.00 per application for applications received after the due date for that crop.

The Wyoming Seed Certification Service reserves the right to refuse any applications post marked after June 30th.
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